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Prayer focus for MICHOP is set each week.  Prayer points come through the leading of the Spirit, as He indicates what to pray for our city, region, state and nation. You can be included in these weekly email prayers by contacting us and asking to be included in them. 



  1. Pray for change, in our own lives as well as in America.
  2. Repent and receive God’s viewpoint in all matters.
  3. Read Bible and understand how God intended us to live and to treat each other, to govern and to preserve freedoms.
  4. Turn from wickedness of all kinds. Turn from compromise, rationalization, and bad habits that keep us from thriving.
  5. Sacrifice time, energy and money to assist in making godly, righteous, compassionate changes in our communities together.

We receive suggested prayer points from  MICHOP Day Captains and other prayer team members who are praying in scheduled time periods, and we are also willing to consider prayer points submitted via email.  We welcome submissions from each of the 7 arenas of society:  our legislators and government workers and officials, educators, marketplace and business people, those in or connected to the military, those active in arts and media, requests concerning the Church, and concerns for our precious families

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If you visit MICHOP, there are materials available to assist your prayers for the 7 "mountains," the nation of Israel, and our state elected officials.


Dear Friends and Fellow Intercessors:

Happy President's Day!

For this week, and because the need is so great, we are going to concentrate on our President Trump and Vice President Pence. 

Unlike other administrations, everyone in the Executive Branch (including VP Pence) is expected to participate, contribute, and pull their weight! Pence is as involved as any VP ever has been. Both of them and the entire Cabinet need our concerted effort in prayer - to assist them in a vulnerable time when direction for these departments/the nation is being determined. 

They need to stay on God's focus, with God's ways, with God's insight and wisdom, and for the sake of allowing God's people to have the opportunity to further His Kingdom here on the earth. 

We have a small window to not only take back land, but to become involved again, flooding the governmental opening/seats of authority with US/GOD'S PEOPLE! We will never have great influence in any realm of the culture by standing outside of it and not getting involved. Millennials are 1/3 of the workforce today. Only 4% of millennials claim to be Bible-believing Christians; 59% who were raised in church, do not attend at all anymore. 

Every sphere - arts & entertainment, media, education, business...and government are all filled with ugliness. (Even the Church at times is filled with abhorrent behaviors and lack of insight.) We choose to bless each part of our culture as we become involved in every way possible - through attaining jobs in these fields and/or through volunteer/charity groups that assist and offer a conscience from the sidelines. 

One prayer that I felt we can all pray each day this week is below, written by James Nesbit:

Father, through the blood, and in the name of Your Son, we bless our president, the White House staff, his cabinet, and each of their staff members. We ask that this administration become a Body wholly filled and flooded with Your presence!

Thank You, for a supernatural shield covering our president, protecting him from all who would do him harm. Thank You for exposing any and all plots against him, any of his family, the vice president, or cabinet members' families, well in advance!

Thank You Father, for strengthening, and blessing beyond measure, the great men and women, who spend their lives protecting us and keeping us from harm.

We thank You for Betsy DeVos' confirmation to lead the U.S. Education Department, Thank You for anointing her to design an education policy that will have eternal impact in the Education Mountain! We bless every cell within her, with strength and wisdom from on high.

As Dr. Pattti Amsden so accurately states, “What our nation believes, will determine the nation we become.” Bless Betsy, to flood the education mountain from top to bottom, and from stem to stern, with the light of eternal truth and the Fear of the Lord, which is the foundation of knowledge and the beginning of wisdom. Fill every classroom in our nation with the knowledge of the holy.

We thank You also, for flooding Washington D.C. with so much light, every hidden thing is exposed, and the source of every leak revealed and sealed, and every perpetrator brought to justice. Thank You for such exposing light, that irrefutable evidence leads to all the king pins who are calling the shots and they are brought to justice as well!

Lay on president Trump's shoulder the grace of the key of the house of David, so he shall open, and no one shall shut; And he shall shut, and no one shall open, fasten him as a peg in a secure place, and grace him to establish a glorious throne in Washington D.C. for You to be highly honored. heavenly Father.

We bless Your Holy Name.